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FounderFinder & TeamFinder

One of the hardest things to do as a founder is to find other like minded people that you can relate with, talk with and work with.  FounderFinder is a program that matches you with co-founders that share your passion to make big things happen.  FounderFinder helps you find qualified persons that have the skills needed to make your company a success.  Whether it be industrial services, software, drone technology or augmented reality FounderFinder is designed to help you find the right person and team to help your company exceed. 

Matching Up!

With FounderFinder & TeamFinder anyone can apply.  Whether you are a founder looking to join other founders or you are looking to join a team yourself FounderFinder is a great way to connect with other like minded individuals in either new technology start ups or in companies looking to accelerate growth in a fast paced market. 

Although anyone can apply for FounderFinder and TeamFinder the program is designed to match up preferences based on your areas of interest including what types of companies you are interested in, what types of roles you are interested in, what your experience level is and how that all matches up with others in the program. 

After your application is approved TechWerx will work with you to find the right matches in the program and also within the vast network of individuals across multiple industries.  

Once we have helped you with you matches whether it be co-founders or team members TechWerx will work with you and new team to help with product development, business development, proof of concepts, contract acquisition and even service or product implementation. 


This program is designed to make sure you do not fail. 

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