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Our Mission is to Create, Foster and Incubate Technologies

that Solve Real World Problems Around the Globe & in Space for

Investors, Corporate and Government Partners



To open new windows of opportunity for business, technology and government to build a brighter future for all through technology and scientific discovery.



No one holds TechWerx to the highest standards more than we do.  We're continually looking for ways to improve and ways to advance program participants skills and make the best use of experience and talent.


We can only achieve outstanding results without compromising security, safety or the environment while protecting trade secrets and intellectual property.



Being accountable for your actions is one thing but being honest and transparent and having open communication to ensure best practices is another.  We strive to work with the highest levels of accountability, open and honest dialogue and enabling technologies that are designed with integrity.  


The team is committed to the collective success of program participants, investors and the community. We celebrate individual strengths, talents, skills, hopes and dreams while making sure we achieve more by working with others across many facets of life, professions and personalities.


We go above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and encourage all to contribute that want to be a part of the TechWerx community. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and embrace individuality while welcoming the richness and values it brings to the communities we serve.



TechWerx lives to hear radically new ideas and we encourage moon shot projects that bring an optimistic and entrepreneurial spirit to the communities we serve. 


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